Open Source en LACNIC Labs

    The LACNIC Labs Team has decided to give back to the community. We plan to start releasing source code snippets, libraries and small applications as open source.


    The code will be hosted in Google Code. The first release is under  the project named "lacnic-labs-os".


    Open Source en LACNIC Labs


    En LACNIC Labs hemos decidido comenzar a liberar codigo fuente que entendemos puede ser de utilidad a nuestra comunidad bajo licencias de código libre.

    Estaremos alojando estos proyectos en Google Code, inicialmente bajo el proyecto "lacnic-labs-os".

    RPKI with Quagga

     A few weeks ago the NIST announced the BGP Secure Router Extension (BGP-SRx) Prototype, that basically makes it possible to use Quagga with RPKI 

    and origin-validation. So, after playing with the RPKI implementations from Cisco and Juniper we decided to take a look at it.